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Release Yourself 

Private Retreat - RELEASE YOURSELF 

Just imagine. 3 days all for you.

Look for themes that keep bothering you. Let go of those things that are holding you back. Create space by getting new insights. Connecting with yourself will allow you to live more from your essence and create what you desire. Let your heart guide you.  

Through subconscious cleaning, family constellation, and Qigong sessions you can finally release all that has been burdening you. Let go of all your worries and discover a new level of inner peace.

Recharge completely in the nature of Spain. Return home with confidence and strength.

This is how it feels...

As you relax on the sun lounger next to the pool, you can't help but notice the serene surroundings of Andalusia. The birdsong is cheerful, the scent of blooming vegetables is in the air, and you feel a sense of peace within yourself. These past few days have given you the space to confront your thoughts and feelings, to talk freely, and just be. Everything is welcome here, and as you go through the exercises, you feel the tension slowly leaving your body. The answers seem to come naturally, as if you've found yourself again in this place. You realize that you don't need anything else but yourself.

About your coach: Alieke

My career took me to the Caribbean, Dubai, and Madrid, where I achieved success but felt a lack of fulfillment. Regardless of where I went, I encountered the same issue - myself. I realized that it was crucial to begin listening to my heart. I explored techniques such as Reiki, Qigong, family constellations, and stress management, and gradually, everything started to make sense.


I am currently on my own personal journey, taking one step at a time. I am strong, yet light, as I strive for balance and joy. I hope that you too can find this same happiness within yourself by leading your life in your own unique way. Don't follow the expectations of others, but rather trust your own instincts and intuition. Embrace yourself fully and feel completely at home within your own being.



Have you ever experienced any of these thoughts?

- "I feel incomplete."

- "Although I play many roles, I'm not sure who I am at my core."

- "My life is good, but I sense that there's more to it."

- "I make decisions based on logic, not emotions."

- "I prioritize others above myself."

After completing this private retreat, you will experience the following positive outcomes:

- You will start making choices from your heart once again.

- You will take steps that genuinely add to your happiness in life.

- Your communication and attitude towards others will undergo a complete transformation.

- You will be able to handle challenges with greater strength and stability.

- You will feel more connected to yourself.


Practical details

The starting date can be arranged at any time to suit your convenience.

Investment Release Yourself - €1100,00 (excluding VAT, ticket and overnight stay). 

Are you curious?

If you need further information or wish to make a booking, please contact me.


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