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3-day progman

Your Love Line Journey 

Just imagine. 3 days all for you.


Look for themes that keep bothering you. Let go of those things that are holding you back. Create space by getting new insights. Connecting with yourself will allow you to live more from your essence and create what you desire. Let your heart guide you.  

'Your Love Line Journey' is a three-day program that is all about transformation, integration and relaxation. I will guide you in your transformation with two therapeutic sessions. We reinforce and integrate everything that has been set in motion with assignments and exercises. We relax and release even more with bodywork like Qigong.


*Subconscious Cleaning session
From the point of view of complete relaxation, we work purposefully in your subconscious. A powerful and effective method to release your limiting patterns and beliefs that are stored in your unconscious brain. We work with a fixed script in which your themes are processed. During the treatment, you lie on a treatment table. The session lasts a total of 2.5 - 3 hours.

**1:1 constellation
As a person, you are part of different systems. During the constellation, we explore your place in the system to gain insight into issues about yourself, your family, relationships, or work, and (where necessary) bring your system back into balance. The constellation takes 2 - 3 hours.

Treat yourself to these 3 days. Personal growth goes hand in hand with major inner changes. You will have to face old habits and experiences to make new insights possible. I can lead you on this journey, help you care for yourself, and show you the tools to create the life you want. 

Your Love Line Journey is an individual program you can book directly.  Sometimes we have up to four participants at once, but all sessions are one-on-one. We'll look for an ideal location and are flexible to fill, in the Netherlands or Spain, where between sessions and exercises, you have time to enjoy the outdoors. Connect with yourself in an inspiring yet relaxing place. Transformation sessions will help you return home confident and energetic.


I offer a free introductory meeting of about 30 minutes, where you can examine if this three-day event is something for you and what theme you want to work on.

Your Love Line Journey - €555,00 (excluding ticket and overnight stay). 


Follow your soul, it knows the way

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