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Powerful techniques to heal the body, mind & soul practised with love!

It's time to cleanse your subconscious.

The assumptions you hold about yourself and your life greatly affect the way you think, act, and behave. Our routines shape how we are. You are only fully aware of around 5% of what you do - your subconscious is responsible for the other 95%. When facing problems in life, mental, emotional, or physical, there's a strong chance you are dealing with subconscious issues.

Clearing your subconscious gives you new energy and space. If you want your life to change, make space in your head, your body and your agenda. Where to begin? Clean up and let go of old habits, to allow you to move forward.

Floways offers a bespoke service in natural wellbeing; plan your next steps towards regaining a healthy life balance using powerful techniques.


Reduce stress, encourage positive energy flow, develop a manageable life plan to juggle work, family, and social life.


Together we can carve out your perfect path by creating a personalised plan through which you will be guided every step of the way. You have control in taking the first step by contacting me for an appointment. Open up to something new and develop routines that will lead to enlightenment and personal growth.



Reiki is an ancient alternative healing method based on the self-healing capacity of the body. By passing on energy from the Universe, this capacity is stimulated and healing can occur. I offer Reiki on distance wherever you are. 



Qigong is working with the energy of life, learning to control the flow and distribution of Qi (energy) to promote health and harmony of body and mind.

Unconscious Healing

Subconscious Cleaning

Relax completely, then intentionally tap into your subconscious. An effective and powerful method for releasing limiting patterns and beliefs from your subconscious mind.


Family Constellation

There are many different systems that we all operate in. If you are experiencing difficulties in your life, it may be due to blockages within one of the systems that you are part of.


I have been honored to know Alieke and watch her grow and become the healer she is today.  I first asked Alieke for help with my Achilles - I had ruptured it playing tennis.  She and I spoke for a few hours about my injury and I asked her to perform Reiki and help me heal in regards to this injury that was continuing to cause my distress physically, mentally and emotionally. 


The Reiki was the beginning of my energetic healing journey with Alieke. She saw I had large blocks in my energy flow due to trauma both from my past and my ancestral past.  She introduced me to Qigong.  She spoke to me and taught me about the power of true Energy Flow for me and my life.  We had 3 Family Constellation sessions where I experienced the power of my subconscious and the systemic mess my family was due to unresolved trauma and generational dysfunction.


The best part of all her work is her passion to teach and communicate.  Just speaking to Alieke made me think about myself, my family and the world differently.  She changed my perspective and brought me a way to find and have peace.  


My Achilles might have been the reason I began my journey with Alieke, and though the injury was devastating, I am in some ways grateful for it because I have begun to really HEAL as a whole person and get my energy flowing and my life has changed and I can not wait to see what this next year will bring as Alieke and I continue our journey together.  She is a woman who has found her purpose and has become a student, a teacher and healing treasure on earth.  

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