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Alieke van Esterik


Alieke van Esterik 

My qualifications:

  • Registered Stress Intervention Expert – Happy Brain Clinics

  • Qualified Qigong instructor - Tao Chi Academy

  • Reiki Master - Tera Mai™ healing system from Kathleen Milner

  • Aromatherapy – Civas

I wish the same happiness for you. I will guide you through the process of finding insights, more energy and relief. Step by step we work together towards a permanent transition to a healthier and fulfilling life. Start your personal Love Line Journey today.

After a successful and adventurous international career in Sales & Marketing in the Caribbean, Dubai and Madrid, I changed direction that brought me much closer to my own strength. I trained as a Stress Intervention Expert and Qigong instructor and immersed into energetic work, family constellations, systemic work, Reiki, meditation, aromatherapy and breathing techniques.

I am  now living my best life and feel stronger and lighter with every step. The adventure never ends, I am grateful to keep learning and growing. Physical movement, rest and focus led to a new found balance, overall recovery, and happiness.

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